The fast and secure access control system is easy to operate and integrate into the building’s overall security. It can be incorporated with multiple configuration tools for a bespoke entry solution. Access and entry into the building using speed gates includes devices such as key fobs and ID cards which are unique to personnel and notifies the security team who is and isn’t in the building. This is particularly beneficial in times of emergency when you need to identify numbers and the identity of people. Key fobs and ID cards are fully customisable and Severnside Security can assist with the initial set up and customisation of these devices to achieve the highest level of security.

Notably popular in offices, they are also widely seen in airports where it’s important to keep tailgating out.

There are a number of options which can be added for your requirements. In the instance of airport security we can provide identification systems, cameras and fingerprint tools to work hand in hand with the speed gates as we understand the importance of safety for all those concerned in the building.

Severnside Security pride themselves on providing solutions to keep you safe. These sophisticated systems are designed to the highest specifications and to your exact requirements. We will carry out a no obligation visit to the premises and discuss how we can assist in your investment. Following our initial discussion we will produce plans of what the overall instalment will look like, along with timescale and budget and work alongside you every step of the way.