From expensive computer systems to intellectual property, these factors can be an instant appeal for unwanted visitors. Severnside Security can design and install a system that works best for your needs from the moment you enter the building to the minute you leave.

CCTV cameras can be attached to the exterior of the building to monitor who is near the premises whilst automated gates and barriers allow access to large-scale corporate buildings that require traffic control of incoming vehicles. We can develop a system in collaboration with your security team that gives you complete control of who is allowed on site.

Access control is an efficient and reliable way of achieving this as we can distribute individual identification cards and even biometric readers. This is made even more secure with speed gates, installed to your size specifications which allow instant access without the threat of tailgaters and unwanted visitors. Staff protection and personal safety is always our top priority. That’s why we take extra care and consideration into fire and life safety systems because we understand how busy corporate buildings can be.

Our highly professional and accredited team will carry out a fire risk assessment and present a plan of action for fire detection, fire suppression and exit routes should an outbreak happen.