Severnside Security can also integrate individual CCTV units within a centralised control room with intruder alarms and access control to provide a comprehensive assessment of your premises. This is particularly popular for retail outlets who have a security team within their operational department who can monitor activity across the numerous cameras to ensure that the facility is kept safe.

We will visit your premises to access which system is best for your requirements and budgets, as well as which locations will have maximum impact when installed whilst remaining discreet. Our trusted team will advise on the best viewing and recording options and will work with you on the design, installation and upkeep of the system.

The latest technological advancements in Closed-Circuit Television cameras makes it even easier for officials to see detailed evidence of crimes taking place and most importantly to identify the intruder in question. This is thanks to high definition imagery and quick reaction responses from the system, along with the subsequent measures that are enforced following the capture of footage. This can include the deployment of the police in the case of a residential domestic incident. As for retail and office premises this can also include senior management teams who can work alongside the police in the investigation.

Dependent on your budget we can supply and install a system that is right for you. Our catalogue of CCTV units feature the best manufacturers in the industry that are accredited and approved to meet the highest of standards.

The expert team at Severnside Security have years of experience advising on which devices are suitable for your scenario. Our client satisfaction relies on providing the correct solution to keep you, your family and your team safe