Our services for Integrated Units include:

Audio-based detection – An alarm can be set off if noise is made at times out of usual business hours. The integrated unit will record the audio.

Alarm notifications – This is triggered if an intruder has entered the premises and makes you aware of the activity with a notification.

24/7 staff – If required, on-site staff can provide round the clock protection and security.

Access control – Where you can grant access to authorised individuals.

Fire and smoke detection – Keeping you and those around you safe with a triggered alarm if smoke and fire has been detected.

Video monitoring – In line with Closed-Circuit Television units.

This 24/7 protection monitors the wellbeing of your business as we provide the highest quality alarm systems available. Beneficially, it will cover you if a burglary is successfully completed and can help catch the perpetrator while assisting with police investigations. It is also an essential tool should someone try to make false premise liability claims – as you have them caught on camera. By having this system in place, you’ll be able to confidentially go to insurance companies if necessary should they have any further questions and ask for evidence.

Severnside Security has installed countless Integrated Units and understand that each of them are unique and personal to the client and customer. We will work alongside you, your needs and your timeframe to provide a solution designed around your requirements. Based in Gloucestershire, our installation team can mobilise to anywhere in the UK to set up your sophisticated system and provide any maintenance works as required. Get in touch for a no obligation quotation and discuss how we can support you and enhance your security for the future.