Reliable and robust, the installation of access control systems are versatile depending on location and your requirements. This is an opportunity to control who can enter a location through fingerprint entry or key fobs. We work alongside leading brands and provide guidance on which system is best for your business when allowing access to authorised individuals. This includes reputable manufacturers who are accredited for their high standard of safety and security.

An ideal solution for both large and small scale commercial sites and home owners, there are a number of options to choose from including one door systems to large multi-site networks for bigger organisations. The knowledgable team at Severnside Security can advise on which system is best for your circumstances and make suggestions based on your budgets and needs. We can visit the location in question to measure and provide a mock-up design of what can be achieved.

The scale of access control is tailored to your requests. From standard intercom entry systems which are popular among office premises, to an advanced level of access control protection which can include ID passes and fobs created from your personnel database. This sophisticated system allows personalised devises to gain access to buildings and restricted areas using their unique data. The benefit of this is to deter unwanted access to unauthorised personnel who may want to cause harm to sensitive information or expensive goods.

We can provide a bespoke business plan created from your personnel database and carry out a full demonstration of the software which will enable you to add and remove people from the authorised list. Plus if there are any maintenance issues or software updates that need carrying out, we can administer this to ensure that the system is working up to speed and best specification.

Access Control provided by Severnside Security opens up a wide variety of options for entry and the ability to track those passing through or leaving the premises. Chose from Biometric Readers which commonly uses finger prints or retina scanning, ID cards and fobs, as well as pin code access. This is particularly beneficial in the case of an emergency such as fire or threat in office premises, so that the security team can monitor who is and isn’t inside the building.