Communal and security doors are a robust and reliable solution for office spaces, entertainment areas, shared accommodation such as student living and also apartment blocks. Severnside Security provide made to measure doors that reassure the safety of your premises from unwanted guests. From standard fits to premium designs, appearance, durability and security are key components when designing and supplying a door that is built for purpose. There are a number of different materials to choose from however some are more suited depending on the investors’ requirements. Steel communal entrance doors are the most suitable as they provide all desired benefits such a stability and security for a range of premises and locations. Alternatively glass is a premium material that allows you to see who is entering the building.

Manufactured to counter intruders and vandalism, they are easy maintain and have a long life. Severnside Security can include additional elements such as automatic locks, that the material and overall build of the door is extra rigid, and that they come in a variety of glazing options too – if required.

The first step of investing in new communal and security doors is for us to carry out an initial visit to the site. We will assess what is required with regards to the unit, materials and measurements followed by what time-frame you are looking for completion. Then our highly-skilled design team can illustrate a system that complements the overall look of the building’s aesthetics. Whether that’s as a singular unit or in a batch of dozens to be distributed amongst an accommodation block. We frequently work alongside local authorities, private building developers and business owners and understand their needs.

Clients and customers come to us because we are respected in the industry for our professionalism and the ability to deliver time and time again. As accredited suppliers and installers of security systems we take into consideration all the important factors required to put you at ease and cause less hassle. Above all else we guarantee that all security doors carry certification to PAS 24, dependent on the selected specification, and that they are ‘Secured by Design’ compliant. This seal of approval gives you peace of mind that you are collaborating with a reputable company.