There is a whole range of designs and manufacturers to select from, plus we offer a bespoke service to provide a product that is unique to your building. This takes into consideration everything from size, materials and operational function.

Our established and professional team will visit your site to survey measurements and answer any questions you may have. This opportunity allows us to asses what system is best for you and your budget and how you would like to operate the doors. Whether that’s access entry via an intercom, a remote control system or an identification card which allows automatic entrance, we can discuss all systems available. Or if you’re looking for a simplistic solution such as sensor controlled operation, we can provide that too.

We understand that you want as little disruption caused as possible, that’s why we are more than happy to be flexible around your time frames and can arrange supply and provide installation out of usual business hours to reduce any inconvenience. The expert team at Severnside Security have installed countless automatic doors and use sophisticated techniques to avoid any damages and to secure the doors perfectly in place.

Not only that, we will also provide instructions on how to operate the doors, whether that’s during working hours or to limit their functioning when business has closed for the day. Plus we can make suggestions on any additions which may be of benefit to you to enhance the security of your premises even further. From CCTV units mounted above the automatic doors, to integrated units that provide a more elaborate form of monitoring, we have a complete range of solutions which our knowledgable team can advise you on to provide the whole package.

Call or email to discuss further how we can support you and present a high-quality solution that will last for years to come and make day to day life in the office or your place of business easier for the future.