Video surveillance with CCTV Cameras are key in these large areas to ensure that every space is monitored for potential threats or if an incident takes place. By having access to this footage you’ll be able to address any issues efficiently so that normal day to day operations can resume.

Automatic gate systems and barriers give you the power to only allow certain access – for example staff and incoming deliveries – which can be controlled from a reception areas or security outlet at the entrance to the commercial property.

Access control is an important factor because it guarantees that only the right people are able to enter the premises. This is achieved with door entry systems that require an ID card or door fob and security doors that automatically lock on entrance.

Of course safety is paramount to any commercial property. Our team of experts accredited to the highest of standards can carry out a fire risk assessment and provide guidance of what steps and procedures to put in place to eliminate any potential hazards. From alarm systems to fire suppression, our package covers all outcomes.