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Security Shutters

When it comes to security shutters and grilles, Severnside Security Ltd, based in Glouceser, have you covered. Over the years, we have been a key supplier to domestic and commercial properties in Gloucestershire. Now, with the opening of a new Birmingham office, we are extending our services to the West Midlands.

We can provide security shutters and grilles in both varieties, whether you prefer manual or electric, with single phase or three phase motor options. We install various types of bar grilles and security shutters; including domestic window and door shutters, light commercial shutters, heavy-duty industrial shutters and various fire-rated roller shutters. Severnside Security in Gloucester can guarantee a cost-effective security solution to suit our clients, covering both domestic properties and or commercial buildings.


Securing your Building

In the initial stages, we will assess the most vulnerable areas of your property, such as doorways and windows, and advise you on the most cost-effective methods of securing these areas, along with any others, in order to prevent any trespassing on your property or establishment.



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