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Fire Alarm System

Emergency warning and evacuation systems are a critical element of every fire safety system.


These fire alarm systems are designed to notify building occupants and emergency public responders (either directly or via a monitoring service) in the event of an emergency. This procedure may be initiated automatically by a fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system or manually by a break glass call point.

Portable fire extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers must be installed in all workplaces regardless of whether other fire protection measures are present. As an early response to a developing fire, the successful performance of a fire extinguisher depends on appropriate placement, proper maintenance, and trained users.

There are different types of extinguishers, each designed to extinguish a specific class of fire.

Exit and Emergency Lights

Exit and Emergency Lights are a critical part of the life safety system within a building and consists of lights units and illuminated exist signs used to guide occupants along a safe exit route in the case of an emergency.

Due to the nature of emergency lighting, it is normally required that they operate fully automatically and give illumination of a sufficiently high level to enable people to evacuate the premises safely.

Whether it is a complex new installation or upgrades to an existing fire system, our design engineers and project managers will work closely with your contractors, architects and consultants to tailor an integrated solution for your facility. Our design process will begin with a survey of your building or facility to help determine the areas of risk. This will then be followed by a works programme outlining the materials, equipment and work processes required to design a solution to best manage those risks.

Our services include preventive and corrective maintenance, emergency call outs, a dedicated 24/7-support centre. For your convenience, we can tailor a service package suited to your business circumstances and requirements. An added benefit to our customers is our ability to service a wide variety of fire systems while we ourselves remain brand agnostic, meaning we will recommend the products most suitable based on your needs, not by brand alliance.


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